The Holocaust

A Brief Overview

What is the Holocaust?

The Holocaust can be defined as Crimes Against Humanity.

6 million Jews were murdered at Hitler's Concentration and Death Camps.

Jews were used as Scapegoats. (To put blame on someone for something they didn't do)

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Complete Isolation

To isolate the Jews from the rest of the population, their first stopping place to total seclusion were the ghettos. These were apartment-like buildings used as a holding place for the Jews before they were shipped off to concentration and death camps.

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Because Jews were thought of as a "threat", they along with other inferior groups of people such as gypsies and political prisoners, were sent to concentration camps and death camps.

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To attempt to stay alive, Jews created a list of rules to help them survive the concentration camps.

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The Soviet Union was the first to liberate (free) concentration camp prisoners.

The German army knew the Soviets were coming and they left the prisoners behind and ran for cover.

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War Crimes Trial

In 1942, war crimes trials began for Nazi officers and soldiers to get justice for the crimes they committed against humanity. These trials were called the Nuremberg Trials.

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