Russian Revolution OVER

What is next for Russia?


The Russian Revolution was caused by the economic issues that stemmed from World War One.Russia suffered the most losses out of any country involved and lost lots of money because of it. People became angry at their leader, Czar Nicholas the 2nd, because he didn't do anything to fix the situation. Vladimir Lenin saw the perfect chance to overthrow the leader and take the throne for himself. In July of 1918, the Czar and his family were overthrown. There were two revolutions that happened back to back; the February Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. The February Revolution ended when Nicholas tried to give the throne to his brother Micheal, but Micheal refused which ended the era of czars. The Bolshevik Revolution ended when the Anti-Bolsheviks(people who didn't want Russia to become an atheist state) where over thrown by the Bolsheviks(people who wanted Russia to become an atheist state). Russia became the Soviet Union.

What Next?

After Russia became the Soviet Union, people who practiced religion were tortured or even executed for it. The country also became more isolated from many countries and became closer with other communist countries such as China. It became enimes with the U.S. and the Cold war in the 60s between them made it even worse. Later, the Soviet Union ended up falling apart and people strugled financially. Money, food, clothing, and more were scarce and The Soviet Union became Russia again.