All About Me

By: McKenzie Martin


In my family I have 5 people. My mom my dad my grandma and my brother. I am the oldest. I am 13 and my younger brother is 9. My mom is a paralegal my dad is going back to school to be a x-ray tech and my grandma works at Rheem.


  • Sports
  • Singing
  • Helping others
  • I enjoy: Learning about the medical field and I love doing math.


Some things that I am good at are sports I have worked and put in time to become better at the sport I play.

  • Sports
  • Helping Others
  • Math
  • I am good at: Being helpful and giving and caring.


Involved in at school
  • Volleyball
  • Band
  • Choi
  • Outside of school
  • Softball
  • Church Organizations

Its All Good and Quotes

Three things that make me happy, proud of myself and or satisfied

  • I can accomplish skills
  • I am good at what I put my all into
  • I can help other people


  • You are confined only by the walls you build yourself
  • Skill is better than strength
  • Hire charachter train skill


Someday I'm going to

  • Be a professional softball player
  • Be a professional volleyball player
  • Be a pharmacist
  • Be a singer