Come to United States Of Austin

tropic island is country

Our country is is on a few island's that are warm all year long it was an Ocean that is shark free our,our country is one of the most safe countries in the world our taxes go to poor people,to school's ,to road's and our military it is awesome here it has in door water park's for the rainy days mother nature can't stop us now.The newcomers will be handled by amount witch is 500 a month the first 1,500 people come for free that type back to president Jordan Preston or to fonder Austin Eledge. After Jordan dies I will take over as president then my relatives will take it from there.

There are food places that are from all around the world Japan,U.S.A,all around so it's like all of the counties in one spot.There no Hurricanes here only little after shocks of earthquakes in the dissent's.It is nice and relaxing your house has the payment of it in the taxes you pay each year

the rules are be responsible,think before you act or speak,be

the water parks here are awesome!!!!!!!