Land Clearing

Awareness for Land Clearing industries

By, Vidhi Trivedi

I am aware that Land Clearing industry workers are already highly educated about their job and these workers are doing as they are instructed but there are many negative side effects to this job which directly affect the health of this Earth and our planet is slowly degrading by so land clearing and many other economical hazards as well. Therefore, this is an awareness of the effects of land clearing towards the health of this planet and how we can prevent its health from deteriorating any further.

What is land clearing?

Land clearing is the removal of trees and bush from a piece of land. Land clearing also involves land clearing equipment depending on the size and purpose of the land. The three main methods used for clearing land are pushover, cut and grind, and burning. The pushover method involves construction equipment where the trees are pushed and hauled off the land. The cut and grind method involves cutting down trees on the piece of land with the stumps remaining on the land. The stumps are then either grounded or pulled out of the ground with heavy machinery. The burning method is hazardous but if a controlled burn is used then while maintaining that control on the fire will burn the trees and other wildlife plants to the ground. After the fire, the land is then cleared using a bull dozer. Small tracts of land are easier to clear than larger tracts but that is why so much heavy construction material is used and specialists attend these clearings.
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Why should we worry about land clearing?

Land clearing later on issues in a lack of land space, habitat destruction and fragmentation. The Earth gets effected through these land clearing processes which means that industries should change something in their practices of land clearing.
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Effects of clearing land

There are both, positive and negative effects to clearing land. Some known positive side effects of land clearing are mainly that humans get to use land for businesses purposes or for manufacturing businesses.

On the other hand, there are many more negative side effects, such as:

- disrupts habitats

- large land clearings are irreversable

- waste of space

- a rise in rates of extinction

- can change the balance of an ecosystem

- decrease in animal populations

- soil erosion

- dry land salinity

- emission of green house gases

- uncertain depletion of the ozone layer

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Time to make a change

After mentioning some of the negative side effects that you may already know, it is obvious that our planet is going through some rough changes mainly because of land clearing. Therefore, I'm guessing that you also wish to make a change. To make this change, many customs and practices must be modified. To prevent our planet's health from degrading anymore, improving our practices is the absolute best solution. Although this is a complex problem, to make changes are necessary or our Earth will continue to break down right under our feet.

What can we do?

We can prevent these negative side effects which may be complex but it is possible.


Prevention of clearing unnecessary land is difficult for workers who have jobs to do so but depending on the size of land being cleared and used should be taken under consideration. Also, many industries just leave the land open after their clearing has been finished so in order to prevent soil erosion and soil saliently, workers should replant the space quickly. Another idea can be to attempt to save natural habitats of native species by balancing out the loss of the habitats.

Action Plan

I am aware that certain industries may have a hard time agreeing with these modified methods of working but these industries must understand the importance of saving our planet because we know that there are many more degrading effects that are harming our planet and if we improve this industry then maybe other industries will take action as well. So, let's consider this and start improving this industry!

Take Action

If we take action upon these ideas of prevention, many of our means of development will increase and along with this, the health of our planet will slowly be better. Carrying these new activities out will make a great benefit to everyone and everything so why not just take action upon this all now? Land evolves as we modify it, which is great for our purposes but if we do not take care of our land and use it all up, the land that will remain will be useless and we will regret in the future. In order to save our land and use it with care, hard work is required but in the end, the hard work pays off to everyone and our planet will be healthy.

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Method (Solution)

In this case, there would be several methods that land clearing industries can implement in their working to decrease the negative effects of everyday human activities on the planet. Some methods that would be effective are to clear land in a small scale which would have less negative effects on the land or replant the cleared space quickly to prevent soil erosion and soil salinity. Also, to save and maintain natural habitats while clearing land, industries could buy more land to convert into another habitat to balance the losses. These are some methods that could be used to save our planet. If these methods are regularly practiced by land clearing industries, there would be less to worry about and more to focus on because humans and the Earth get benefits from this process.


There are methods to fix anything and if land clearing industries understand this importance towards our own planet, then please take these methods of prevention and use them wisely and regularly.
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