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Increasing Student Engagement with Positive Reinforcement

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a classroom management and task assignment tool that provides real-time feedback for students on how they're meeting classroom expectations. It's a great way to track student behavior, set expectations and goals for students, and offers ways for teachers to share this information with parents.
Getting Started with ClassDojo

This is a great tool to increase student engagement...

Class DOJO tracks both positive and negative behaviors

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See the BIG Picture...and how it all fits together

ClassDojo: Teach what matters most.

Here's a Tech Review of this Tech Tool...

Some teachers use it as a classroom reward system...

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See how Class Dojo changed this 5th grade classroom....

Class Dojo - A Short Film

A review from a Middle School Teacher - This is how she uses it...

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Don't let these cute critters fool you...LOTS of HIGH SCHOOL teachers are using Class DOJO too

How ClassDojo Gives Your Class Mojo - #AppyHour

Hear what other teachers are saying....

Need help with class transitions? This teacher did too! Click to hear how it changed her classroom too...

Transitioning faster between activities with ClassDojo


If you want to give it a try in your on the video below to find a little help to get you started!

Class Dojo Set Up and Tutorial

Introduce ClassDojo to your students by showing them this little video...

Student Introduction to ClassDojo