The Book Thief

By: Markus Zusak

Jericho Andaya P6

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Death is haunted by humans with incredible stories

The Book Thief takes place mostly in Molching, Germany during 1939 through 1943.

In the beginning Liesel's brother dies and she goes to a foster home with her her new parents Hans and Rosa Hubbermann. She meets her new neighbor Rudy Steiner who is rebellious, and they steal food from farms which starts their path of thievery. Her Papa teaches her how to read and write, so she ends up loving books and steals them from the mayors house. Then they take in a Jew named Max who makes her feel better, but late he gets sent to a concentration camp. Lastly, their home Himmel Street is bombed with only Liesel surviving, and later in her life she reunites with Max and lives in Sydney.

* means they are real historical characters - means fictional characters

Main Characters

-Liesel Meminger

-Hans and Rosa Hubberman


-Rudy Steiner

-Max Vandenburg

-Ilsa Hermann

Side Characters

*Adolf Hitler

-Tommy Muller

-Arthur Berg

-Erik Vandenburg

-Alex and Barbara Steiner

-Frau Holtzapfel

-Walter Kugler

-Hans Hubberman Jr.

Hitler Youth Organization

The Hitler Youth Organization taught boys from 14-18 to be loyal followers to the Nazi's, and the name was given because of the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. They wore uniforms that had brown shirt, red and white armbands, and black shorts. They liked to teach kids to always be prejudice to Jews, and they told kids to spy on their families and to report anything anti-Nazi. Many of the activities were competitive, they marched and hiked. Boys were taught to dig trenches, read maps, and the use of weapons. There was a law passed that made all German boys join the Hitler Youth and there were about 8 million members. Eventually the kids were sent into battle, and many of them died until Germany surrendered.

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Figurative Language

"The sky is blue today, Max, and there is a big long cloud, and it's stretched out like a rope. At the end of it, the sun is like a yellow hole," and they are comparing a cloud to a rope and the sun to a yellow hole. Page 249

"A necklace of sweat formed around her throat," and they are comparing the sweat to a necklace. Page 122

"Even death has a heart," and it's personification since death is non-living and it's giving it a human quality. Page 242

"Pat, Pat, Pat," It is an onomatopoeia since it's making a sound effect of what that would sound like. Page 92


Mediocre: Moderate Quality, not very good. In a mediocre attempt to hide dove under the snow.

Prolific; Causing abundant growth or generation. A prolific smell came from Max staying in the basement.

Euphoric: A great feeling of happiness or confidence. Liesel was euphoric when she saw Max.

Trepidation: A nervous feeling of uncertain agitation. Hans face showed trepidation as he walked towards the Nazi soldier.

Temerity: A rash or reckless act. Rudy's temerity of punching Viktor got him in trouble.