Vietnam War Music Analysis

How does war affect individuals

Vietnam War Era Music Analysis

Investigate the social climate for young Americans during the Vietnam War by investigating the words associated with songs during that

Due Date: Friday July 18th, 2014


Chose three songs that where popular during the Vietnam War Era. Using the example songs below, along with the provided questions, present your findings.

Examples: Ohio, Ballad of the Green Berets, and Edwin Star

Answer these questions when listening. These are what you will present to the class.

1. What is the mood of the song?

2. How does the song make you feel?

3. To which direction (anti-war or support) is the song being directed?

4. Who is the audience?

5. Pick 3 lines from each song and answer the following:

a. How does it relate to the mood of the USA

b. How does it connect to the youth generation at that time

c. Pick a line from a popular song today that best resembles that line and make the connection as beforementioned.

Ballad of the Green Berets - [HD] - - - SSGT Barry SADLER
Ohio- Crobsy Stills Nash and Young
War - Edwin Starr