War of 1812

Britain went to war

The war that happend in 1812 between the British and the American.

There was a war between the British and the Americans that happen in 1812. James Madison asked congress to declare war on June 1st, 1812. One thing that the British did was they wanted to stop trade with France and the Americans.They stop the Americans get what they needed to get. Britain's would put attacks on the Indians. Sometimes Britain would just come to attack the Indians.The British Navy would kidnap sailors off the American Ships and had them rejoin the British Navy.Sometimes they would take those sailors and kill them by throwing them overboard.The Americans had done a lo to get freedom.

The Effect

The Effect on all of this is that America had gained a national identity.The Americans won the war of 1812 and gained confidence. after Britain had bombed us our flag was still there.There was man named Francis Scott Key and he made the song star spangled banner.America and the rest of the people finally got independence from Britain.