A Midsummer Nights Dream

Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 92-162 Group D

Colten W, Leah S, Faith P, Jacie V

Summary of the Scene

Lysander has a love spell put on him, where the next living thing he sees he falls madly in love with. Helena wakes him up, and he falls in love with her. Lysander proclaims his love for her, but she refuses.She tells him he is meant for Hermia, and runs away. Lysander chases after her. Hermia wakes up to find Lysander gone.

Most Important Quote

"Not Hermia but Helena I love."

This quote is Important because this is when the main conflict occurs..


Character Analysis


Hermia's lover.

He is the main conflict.

Love Square.


King Egeus daughter.

Lysander's true love.

Lysander does not love her.


Hermia's friend.

She is one of the leading causes of the conflict.

Lysander loves her, but she loves Demetrius.


Lysander's rival.

Helena loves him, but he loves Hermia.

He cant get Hermia to love him because, she loves Lysander.