5 Things To Do in The Future

By: Claire Annsley Gatlin

Welcome to Earth timelapse by Luc Bergeron

1#- Night skiing in Keystone, CO

Some time in the future I would like to go night skiing with my good friends Lexi Timm & Camryn McGrath. We would go at Keystone Ski Resort located in Colorado. At Keystone physical weathering has occurred to shape and build the mountains located there. Tectonic plates collide to build the peaks we see today. Then, the mountains are eroded by wind, water, & extreme temperatures.

2#- Hike up Mt. Elbert

Another thing I want to do (& am doing this summer) is hike up Mt. Elbert. It is the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the highest point in Colorado. Mount Elbert is 14,440 ft. I would go hiking up it with my mom, dad, and older sister Caroline as well as a few family friends. Just like Keystone, Elbert was formed by tectonic plates hitting each other & hit by wind, water, and severe temperatures. This is physical weathering.

3#- Sand ski in Africa

The third thing I would like to do is sand ski in Africa with Molli Brooks. Sand skiing is like normal skiing but instead on sand. There is deposition constantly occurring there. The wind is always picking up & moving the sand. Physical weathering is what is happening there.
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4#- Cave Exploring in Glenwood Caverns

Fourth on my bucketlist is to go cave exploring in Glenwood Caverns. They are located in Glenwood Springs, CO, about 40 miles from Edwards, Colorado where I used to live. I have been to Glenwood Caverns when I lived there and enjoyed the normal cave tours, so I would like to go further into the caves in a program that they do. This is chemical weathering from acid and dissolved limestone. I would go with my friend Graziella.
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5#- Paddleboarding on Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Last but not least, I would like to go paddle boarding on Peter Island, a private island in the British Virgin Islands. The beach there is a victim of physical weathering. The water is constantly hitting the shore and taking sand with it. I would go paddle boarding with some of my camp friends: Erica, Georgia, and Maddie.
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