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All About Christianity

Followers- The Followers of the Christian Church are called Christians.

Key Beliefs- Some of the Christians key beliefs are the Holy Trinity, Resurrection and Salvation, Prayer and church on Sundays.

Practices and Rituals- Some of the Christian Church's Practices and Rituals are Baptism and Holy Communion.

Place of Worship- The Christians place of worship is called a church.

Worship leaders- The worship leaders in the Christian Church are called Pastors or Bishops.

Holy Book- The Christians Holy Book is called the Holy Bible.

Holy Days/Holidays- Some Holy Days /Holidays in the Christian religion are Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, All Saints day, and Palm Sunday.

Holy Cities/Places- The most famous Holy City is Jerusalem.

Common Figure- A common figure to all three religions is Abraham.

View of God- The Christians believe that there is only one god his name is God. Monotheism is the belief of only one god.

Jesus Paid It All