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November 2018 Chalkboard News

A Note from Mr. Bennett

PAW = Positivity Always Wins. You may have noticed your child with a "PAW" ticket. They are little white business cards which students can receive for making good choices and demonstrating positivity here at school. We also have held "PAW" assemblies each month. In October, I was duct taped to the wall and we reviewed expectations for student behavior in the cafeteria. The students LOVED it!!!!

This school year, the RCS Board of Education approved additional School Social Worker support for Amanda Moore. Mrs. Smith, our SSW, and our Amanda Moore behavior committee, have worked hard to help create school wide systems to recognize the students for positive behavior. While systems have always been inj place to address negative behaviors, but we didn't do very well at formally addressing those individual students and whole classes who come to school each day and demonstrate positive behaviors. While it is still early in the year, we have seen such amazing improvements in all of our students. We will continue to empower ALL students to succeed by recognizing and showing gratitude to those who show others why Positivity Always Wins!

Happy November,

Roger Bennett


Amanda Moore Elementary School

Empowering ALL students to succeed!


Amanda Moore will once again have a Green Team. A huge thank you goes out to Christy Martin for volunteering to be our Green Team leader. This year's group will work on cleaning up the school's science center and getting it ready to plant a vegetable garden and baby trees in the spring, as well as working on the Butterfly Garden (located near the main gym). Students will learn about the importance of recycling and will visit a recycling center. If you are interested in being a part of this very important group, permission slips are available in the school office.
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For the seventh year in a row, Amanda Moore Elementary is sponsoring its own Christmas Sharing Tree. This is such a worthwhile cause because it not only benefits needy families but its main focus is to target those students within our building who have a need.

Please stop by the school office to select a tag (or tags) from the tree. Tags will be available beginning Wednesday, November 14th. Each tag you select will need to be signed out. Wrapped gifts are due back to the school by Wednesday, December 12th.

Please help us to make this a very special Christmas for our Amanda Moore children. Happy Holidays to all!

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SAVE THE DATE - Upcoming Events

Parent Club Meeting - November 6th

Dine & Donate @ Art & Jake's - November 13th

AMES Skate Party (The New Rink) - December 6th

1st Grade Christmas Concert - December 11th

Santa's Secret Shop - Friday, December 14th

Fun Run - Late Jan./Early Feb. 2019 (Date TBD)

Girls Night Out - February 22, 2019

Spring Carnival - March 2019 (Date TBD)

Spring Book Fair - May 28th thru May 31st

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 6th thru May 10th

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - May 8, 2019

Boys Night Out - Date TBD

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Noon Duty/Crossing Guard Help NEEDED!

We are in need of both Noon Duty lunch helpers, as well as a Crossing Guard (corner of Hollister St./Main St.) for both a.m. and p.m. If you are interested in applying or if you know of someone who is interested, please contact Amy Freeman at 586-281-1411. She can walk you through the process of applying with EduStaff.
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Green School Environmental Tip


Each fall as homeowners tackle the job of raking leaves, clearing gardens, and cleaning yard debris, a lot of noise and pollution is created. In fact, one gas-powered leaf blower can emit as much pollution as 80 cars!

Instead, choose hand-powered or electric tools over gas. Rakes are effective, and cheaper than using a leaf blower. Plus, you get a chance to burn some extra calories! If you need a power tool for a hard to reach spot (like your roof, or in between shrubbery), try an electric leaf blower rather than a gasoline-powered one. Electric leaf blowers are usually quieter, more energy-efficient, and get the job done just as well as their high-powered counterparts.

Amanda Moore Elementary School

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