Amputation Disability Project



The definiton of amputation is the loss of a limb.

Symptoms of Amputation

Infection, bleeding, and crushed body tissue are all symptoms of amputation.

Cure for Amputation

There is no cure for a surgical amputation.

However, in some instances, an accidental amputation can be stapled or sewn back on.

Why I Chose This Disability

I thought it sounded cool but it turned out it's not even close to cool.

Facts About Amputation

77% of people who are amputees are male

50% people who are amputees are between 21 and 65 years old

Many diabetic amputations are preventable

The #1 cause of amputation is vascular

There are 3,000,000 amputees in the USA


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Amputees in Books or Movies

Baz is a amputee in the book called ''Better Than Well:American Medicine Meets the Dream.

Famous People With Amputation

Bethany Hamillton had her arm amputaed because most of it got bit off by a shark.


This might include a traumatic injury, or a diseased or deformed body part might have to get amputated. The tissue might get to badly damaged and could have to be amputated.