Marbury v. Madison

Facts of the case-- Sieana Harrison

John Adams and Federal Congress

John Adams, Federalist president, loses the election of 1800 to Thomas Jefferson. Adams notices that there will not be many federalists left in office, Federalists congress created judge positions and Admas fills them with Federalists.

John Marshall and William Marbury

John Marshall*, the secretary of state, has to deliver the papers for the judge jobs, but does not deliver them all. One of the papers not delivered was supposed to go to William Marbury.

Taking office

The following day...

Thomas Jefferson takes office as President

James Madison become seceratary of state

John Marshall* becomes Cheif Justice


Thomas Jefferson finds out about Adams attept to courtpack, and stops James Madison from delivering left-over papers for the jobs. Marbury wants Marshall (now Cheif of Justice) to make Madison give him his job.