Flexible Packaging jobs and careers

Agencies like Delta Diversified may recruit candidates.

Which Style of Egg Carton Is the Most Environmentally Friendly

A Packaging Recruiter has a large number of positions available across the country for a variety of clients. Those companies are looking for candidates to work in sectors like paper containers, printing and flexible plastic. Some men and women take an interest in specific sectors. Others would be happy working in any sector in which their expertise is needed. Engineers, pre-press managers, sales representatives and many other higher-level workers can find jobs in this industry.

Environmentally Friendly Egg Containers

Some individuals enjoy working in research in the packaging industry and seek employment through an agency such as Delta Diversified. They may want to develop more environmentally friendly containers and wraps while concentrating on Flexible Packaging jobs and careers. They may look for possibilities for creating containers made of organic, biodegradable materials. They may want to convert plastic containers to cardboard or paper options, since plastic does not fully break down the way that paper does.

Changes in the Industry

These men and women may be fascinated by changes in the field over the years. They ask questions about topics such as why egg cartons used to all be cardboard, whereas now there are cartons made of cardboard, plastic and polystyrene foam.

The Switch to Foam

Egg producers began switching to foam containers as they realized that the material keeps eggs cold longer, which is advantageous during transport. Packaging manufacturers all claim that their material protects eggs from breakage better than other materials, and there is no clear answer to this topic. Buyers who demand environmentally friendly products might to choose eggs in cardboard, and they also tend to be the buyers who choose eggs from free-range or no-cage chickens.

Issues With Cardboard

However, people working in this sector of the industry know that the problem isn't so straightforward. Not all recycling facilities accept cardboard egg cartons because they are difficult for the equipment to break down. In addition, production of the cartons actually uses more natural resources than does production of foam cartons. This is just one of a myriad of problems that research and development departments work to solve in ways that will satisfy both businesses and consumers.