Assistant Superintendents' Meeting

April 20, 2015

HCM Meeting: CIC Applicant

*HCM working on creating a table to track vacancies, anticipated vacancies, etc.
*24 hour turnaround- Talent Partner is the key...
*Kenisha is in Spain this week
*Teacher Vacancy Report- created by HCM
*Question asked: What does my allocation call for? Will be added to the table

CIC Applicant Process
*CIC process will be in the hands of the principal
*Interview process should be the same for each applicant- campus discretion
*CIC Certification: previous process required CIC to be certified in the content area. Changes to the certification requirement. No longer have to be certified in a particular area to support a campus.

HCM Meeting: Teacher Vacancy

*Everyone will have access
*Drop down menu

HCM Meeting: Principal Assignment

*Some APs have been promoted for next year.
*Will have to ensure proper placement of misplaced APs due to ACE and Reconstitution before hiring new APs
*Some campuses will have to select from a pool

Campus FTE Allocations

*Look at your individual campuses to see additional FTEs
*D2- 59 FTE over formula
*FTE- get the same number FTEs coming out of GO money
*Task will be given to Michael

Title I Workscope for AC/AFs

*Michelle attended meeting
*Will review AC/AF design
*ACs are to support

2015-16 Fellows Academy Interview Participation Invitation

*35 new Fellows
*Currently conducting interviews
*Schedule will be sent to EDs to sign up to be a part of the interview process

Pinkston Graduation Certificate Idea

*Idea of giving parents a graduation certificate

STAAR Results

*Scores are in, but will not be released until Thursday
*Summary report-earliest today (4/21/2015)
*Want an action plan for those students who are close to achieving academic achievement
*Text will be sent to EDs once released

Elementary School of Excellence Study Survey- May 15th

*see article

2015-16 Planning for Support and Services

*New Language and Literacy Executive Director: Susan Walker
*Looking at gathering differently, areas of need
*Want to put a plan together that is reflected of campus needs

Draft ACE Support Plan for T&L (ACES-S)

*Vincent working on putting a plan together to provide support to ACE campuses

Budget for 2015-16- ALL budget lead staff

Additional Notes

*Campus Climate Survey Feeder Pattern data might be tainted due to ACE and Reconstituted campus
*Ms. Elizalde will contact Cecilia regarding running data with and without ACE and Reconstituted school data