Kelsey Scheuerman Catering

Catering Information

K. Scheuerman Catering will happily provide food and drinks to your event! The catering fee is $20, but is waved if more than $60 of food is requested.


12 Cupcakes: $10

24 Cupcakes: $15

36 Cupcakes: $20

Cake Pops

12 Cake Pops: $5

24 Cake Pops: $10

36 Cake Pops: $15

Cookies and Bars

12 Cookies: $5

24 Cookies: $10


Frosted: $10

Unfrosted: $5

Tea Sandwiches and Savories

Start at $10

Drinks (includes cups)



$10, included after a $50 purchase!


Cake Pops

Cookies and Bars


What are Savories?

Savories include Tea Sandwiches, Meat and Cheese Plates and small scones and biscuits. Try our Cucumber Tea Sandwiches or Cheddar Bacon Scones!


Drink Choices

We can make any kind of drink for your event, nonalcoholic of course! We specialize in teas, lemonades and punches!


Decoration Options

Decorations include cups, napkins and plates in your choice of color, a themed and framed menu and a centerpiece related to your event!

Other Exciting Information

K. Scheuerman Catering wants your event to be the best that it can be. If you have a special request, such as gluten-free or a certain recipe not featured on the menu, we will work with you to get what you want!

Contact Us!

K. Scheuerman Catering is ran by Kelsey Scheuerman. She has a passion for baking and decorating!