Travel The Cosmos with Illumicorp

By Riley Decock

Visit all the Regular Stars

The boring stars package includes a visit to a main sequence star. The main sequence stars are stars in the middle of their life cycle. As you will move through the stars you will visit some Red, White, and Black Dwarfs. Dwarfs are stars that are left over cores of Red Giants. When you approach your next destination on your trip you will see Huge stars called Red Giants and Red Super giants, Red Giants form when a main sequence star looses all of its hydrogen it rapidly expands to form a much bigger star called a Red Giant. The boring package is priced at 5 million us dollars, and includes middle class living quarters and three 4 star meals a day.

See something extrodanary

The extraordinary package includes a visit to two of the most mysterious things in the universe, Black Holes and Quasars. Black holes are so dense that not even light can escape, they are formed when a supernova explosion happens when a star collapses under its own gravity. Quasars are the opposite of Black Holes. Quasars produce much more energy and light than a star going through fusion. On your trip back from visiting Quasars and Black Holes you will stop for a week at different types of star clusters. There are two types of clusters, open and globular. An Open Cluster is a a cluster of stars that are young and hot blue stars and is spread out into a larger area. A Globular Cluster is made up of older stars and is compacted into a smaller area. Next, you will fly through the remnants of a supernova explosion and visit a Pulsar. A Pulsar is formed when all the electrons and protons in a star form neutrons, this forms a Neutron Star. A Neutron Star that spins rapidly and emits radiation is a pulsar. This package only costs 80 million us dollars and everything including exotic meats and luxury meals. You will stay in out world renowned living quarters averaging around 3,000 square feet each.

Illumicorp wants to take YOU on an adventure

We here at Illumicorp want to take you to worlds you could have never even imagined. At an additional price of only 500 thousand dollars regardless of your package, you can go Black Hole Bungee Jumping. We own everything! You should choose Illumicorp because we value you as a customer and have an unparalleled service.


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