Это вкусно! - неделя 12

November 15, среда - READ ALL important information below

Что делать в средy?

Оn Wednesday do the following:
  • We are working in Module Twelve - we are learning to talk about food.
  • Today we are going to put all that vocabulary you were learning the previous two days into practice. You will practice the dialogue about food. Use the recording below as well as one in the course.
  • Make sure to review your vocabulary daily.

On the Background image to day is very popular dish in Russia (Ukrainian by origin) is soup called Borscht. It is delicious. I had some students in past who wanted to cook some Russian food.
Here is the recipe of Borscht with meat (for vegetarians meat can be committed) By the way this website has lots of great Russian food. I tried several recipes myself and they all came out delicious.


If you decide to cook Russian dish, please send me a picture and how it tested. I will give you a few bonus points for trying!

Dialog: What do you eat?

Practice reading the dialog. Repeat after the recording.

Use this link to practice reading the dialogue

-- Илья, что вы едите на завтрак? (Illija, what do you eat for breakfast?)

-- Я обычно не завтракаю. Пью только кофе. (I usually do not eat breakfast. I drink only coffee.)

-- А что вы едите на обед? (And what do you eat for lunch?)

-- Салат или бутерброд. (I eat salad or sandwich.)

-- А что ещё? (And what else?)

-- Люблю есть суп. (I love to eat soup)

-- А что ваша семья ест на ужин? (And what does your family eat for dinner?)

-- Мы едим мясо или рыбу, овощи и пьём чай. (We eat meat or fish, vegetables and drink tea)

Thank you for Chiril and Benjamin P. for replying to my question in yesterday announcement - on the background image was Russian samovar, сушки (Russian cookies).

Congratulations to Sarah G. who is going to Russia next summer with her Russian aunt and cousins.

I am so happy for you Sarah!

Sarah also shared that she is hoping to speak Russian fluently one day. Sarah also does some extra activities that help her practice her Russian. She just sent me a dialogue she has put together between two people where they talk about variety of things we have learned in class. Fantastic idea Sarah! You are my hero today!

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.