My First Meet

My First Gymnastics Meet was scary. I was only 10 years old and I was very nervous. It was at Wild Card Gymnastics in Brookfield Wisconsin. Every practice I had before my meet was fine. I simply pretended to salute the judge, did my routine, saluted the judge again and I was golden. Though when you’re there all you can hear all the judges, crowd, other gymnasts, and the coaches yelling at girls to point their toes. While all that is happening you are trying to focus on your routine and how to make it better. Meanwhile I’m thinking everybody in the room is watching me. But honestly they are not. Let me tell you my palms were sweaty, my body ached from the practice before, and I had a slight headache from my hair being so high, not to mention drenched with hairspray. But before I knew it the meet was almost done and we were going through the awards, I got 5th place in the all around meet. That was pretty good for my first meet. But in the long run gymnastics is about having fun and learning something. If it wasn’t for my first time I wouldn’t do any other meets and wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Funny Code Names

My sister and I have done gymnastics for a long time, but only two years ago we started going to the same gym. My sister and I have never really, gotten together as little kids but since we have started doing gymnastics together, we have really bonded. Sometimes the coaches at our gym aren't the nicest, so my sister and I give them funny random nicknames and some other gymnast that go to our gym. Some of them including cupcake Tuesday, Starbucks, Notekin, mouse, queen, girl scout cookie, Smith pretender, and way more. Honestly I can’t tell you how we made up some of them but they are related to the person's personality, or something the person did in the past that stuck out to us. It’s great because now we have made names for people at school and also family members. Gymnastics has really brought us together as sister and i'm so thankful for her.

Messy Hair at my State Meet

There I was. My State Gymnastics meet I was doing great the whole meet. It was my last event and it was about eight O’Clock at night. Most of the people had left besides the parents and family of the girls that I was competing against. It was my sister, Eden, and another girl heading over to floor for our last event. I was the last one up. Earlier that day my mom had put a bun in my hair and stayed in all day. The music started and I went with it. Then I did my first tumbling pass. When I landed all I could see was hair everywhere, thinking to myself, “oh no.” Now you see in the sport of gymnastics, us gymnast aren't allowed to fix are leos if they are in uncomfortable places, have jewelry or nail polish on, and no matter what the circumstances are, we can not touch, fix, or play with our hair during a routine. The consequence isn't bad it's just taking off a point or two. But it's a silly mistake you shouldn't make. The coaches wouldn't be too happy either. They would rather you leave it down and ignore it for the rest of the routine. Anyway, all I heard was my coach gasp, my sister giggle, and some girls from the other team gasp too. But remembered what my coach had told me and I continued on for the rest of the routine. I finished strong and did pretty well. I got 8th place over all and that's pretty good considering that more that half the states gymnasts were there. That was one of my best gymnastics memories.