Polar Bear Peral

By: Chloe 5D

Endangered Polar Bears!

Help the polar bears! They're in a peral. People say that polar bears only predators are humans and we want to prove them wrong. Help the polar bears so they don't become extinct!!

Polar Bear Ecosytem

The polar bear habitat is in the Artic. They live around ice fields and floating ice. Their normal life span is from 20 to 30 years. Their colors are clear, white, yellow and black. Their biotic facts are their prey is seals, walruses and sea birds. Their young are called cubs and they usually have 2 cubs per litter. Their abiotic facts are that they live on ice and one of their biggest threats are global warming.

Polar Bear Food Chain

This is the polar bears food chain. The polar bear is at the top of the food chain while at the bottom is algae. The sun sends its energy to the algae and the fish eats the algae. Next the seal eats the fish and finally the polar bear eats the seal.
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Polar Bear Food Web

This is the polar bears food web. You'll notice that the polar best doesn't have any predators on this web. That's because the polar bears only predators are humans. Humans are the number one reason why polar bears may be extinct within the next 30 years!
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Population over/under

If the polar bears population is too little than the beluga whales population lowers because they will runout of food. If the polar bears population gets over populated it will effect the walruses which effects seals which effects the fish population which effects the population of fungi which is extremely effective to the whole chain and web because they will all run out of food to eat. That can effect humans amount of food to eat.
Generation Nature™ - Polar Bears in the Arctic Wilderness

Help Save the Polar Bears!

Polar Bears should NOT be hunted! There is definitely not enough polar bears because of hunting and global warming. Did you know that polar bears could be extinct within the next 30 years! Part of that is our fault so we want to correct our mistakes and help save the polar bears!