New Technology

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Technology

New Technology

There will be many technologies happening in the future such as space hotel, Self-driving cars, automatic translation system, solar panel phone, and nanny robot. The Russia will be sending tourist on 2020. Tourists can enjoy their time in zero gravity. Self driving car will be also invented on 2020. People will use automatic system to invent this car. Solar panel phone is eco-friendly, it gets energy from the sun. It will be invented on 2019. The nanny robot will be invented on 2021. it is a robot that works exactly same as nanny.

advantages of new technologies

There are a lot of advantages if you invent new technologies. You can live comfortably and easily. You don't have to drive long because there are self-driving car and you can have a lot of fun in space if there is a space hotel located in space. It will be also good for environment if you use a solar panel phone.

disadvantages og new technologies

There are also disadvantages of new technologies. Many people can lose their jobs if nanny robots are invented. The taxi driver or truck driver will lose their jobs as self-driving cars invented. the person who helps to translate the language will also lose their jobs as automatic translation system is invented.
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My conclusion is it is good to have ipad or iphones, but I hope people don't develop any more technologies. It could be uncomfortable without technologies, but I think we cannot keep developing new technologies just for enjoyment, there can be victims because of technologies.
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