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March 23-27th

Important Dates


3-10th - Have a fun and safe Spring Break!!! NO SCHOOL

14th - PTO Open Forum @ 7pm

17th - Spirit Day: Wear Mix Match Clothes

24th - CRES Fest 5-8pm


5th - PTO Open Forum @ 7pm

12th - Field Trip to Eagle Creek Park (More information to follow)

22nd - Spirit Day: Wear Hawaiian Clothes

Thanks for all the CRES Fest Colts Basket donations! Our class greatly appreciates it!

Specials/Related Arts

M- Music

T - Art

W - Computer

Th - P.E.

F - Music & Library

Project Based Learning: Explained.

PBL WEATHER UNIT - Wonderful Wacky Weather

Wow! What an amazing week. We started it off with Angela Buchman the WTHR: Channel 13 meteorologist, who shared about her job. Then we started exploring weather topics that interested us and choose our topics. On Friday, we did the Marshmallow Challenge to kick off working with our groups. Students had to build the tallest freestanding structure in 18 minutes made out of tape, spaghetti, string, and a marshmallow - you can read more about it (see photos below). We did this activity so the groups had to work together quickly and communicate with each other. Next week, we will set up group norms and expectations which will lead to groups creating a contract they will follow throughout this unit. Groups will also begin researching their topics. We will be learning how to research - how to take notes, how to cite sources, how to put information in our own words, and how to gather information. The following topics were chosen: Heat Wave, Tornado, Blizzard, Hurricane, Hail, Floods, Fog/Clouds, Thunder & Lightening, Wind.

If you or anyone you know has expertise in the field of weather, please let me know! We would love to have them share during this unit. Also, if you are interested in helping the students with their research March 30-2, let me know if you are available in the morning.

Word Study

This will be our last week on CONTRACTIONS . We will do Sort 44-Contractions with words 'not, is, have, will'. We will have a test on Friday over contractions. Next, we will move to multiple meaning words.

Sight Words:

still, learn, should, America, world

Science - Inquiry

This past week, we made a 'Need to Know' list of what would be important to know to help us with our unit's driving question 'How can we as meteorologists collect, analyze, and explain weather patterns in Indiana over time?' The students decided we needed to create weather tools to help us predict the weather and explain weather patterns. Then they decided we should start with an anemometer so we will be researching and created anemometers this week. We will be going through the engineering process to create, test, and improve our weather tools.


During our PBL unit, we will be looking at lots of charts and graphs. We will be learning how to read them, analyze the data, collect data, and make our very own charts and graphs. This correlates with Unit 16 - Graphs & Data in our math series.

Our Classroom

Class Read Aloud: Box Car Children #3 & Weather Books

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