Regional Conflict

How do new Nations Establish Law and Order?


Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. "We destroyed the old system but replaced it with nothing" The Caucasus is about the site of the state of California, but their are dozens of languagaes and 50 different ethnic groups. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union hundreds of thousands of people died.
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Which of these events sparked ethnic and religious conflict within the Caucasus region in the 90’s?

The breakup of the Soviet Union

Chechnya and Russia

Chechnya has tried numerous times to escape from Russia's control, however, Russia won't let them leave. This is just like now with Russia and the Crimean Peninsula and how Russia has been trying take them over. In 1996 Russia agreed to leave Checnya but then re-entered in 1999 and bombed them several times. Chechnya responded in 2010 and bombed a subway in Moscow.

Armenia and Azerbaijan

Armenia and Azerbaijan were fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh because Azerbaijan in the past had control over that land, but there were many Armenian people living there. The fighting went on and off for 6 years until the presidents of those two countries met in Florida and came to a peace treaty.
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