Old Women Missing!

Candy Shop Shock

Yesterday at around 3:30pm, 4 young boys went to Mrs Pratchett`s sweet shop. These 4 young boy have never liked Mrs Pratchett. Until the day that the 4 young boys found a dead rat underneath the floor where they always sneak into after school.

The 4 young boys had a plan to scare Mrs Pratchett, so one of the boys picked up the rat and put it in his pocket. On the way to Mrs Pratchett`s Sweet Shop, they were talking about how they could scare her, one of the boy said '' I'll put the rat in a gobstopper jar and as she reaches in she will touch the mouse and get scared!''. So the boys stuck to that plan and that's exactly what they did.

As one of the boys distracted Mrs Pratchett, the boy put the rat in the gobstopper jar and went home. The very next morning as the 4 young boys were on there way to school they all stopped and looked at the door of Mrs Pratchett's Sweet Shop, and there was a sign on the dor saying 'CLOSED, the 4 young boys looked at eachother in worried way and one of the young boys said '' did...did i kill her?''

The other 3 boys looked at eachother in dispare, then the 4 boys just walked to school very slowly just thinking why would the shop be closed.As the 4 young boys got to school, the headmaster said '' every student to the back of the school now".

Then the 4 young boys walked down to the back of the school very confused, as all the students got to the back of the school the headmaster told every one to line up in a singke file by class. Then as the 4 young boys looked at the headmaster as he entered right behind him was the old lady Mrs Pratchett. The 4 boys seemed very worried, the headmaster said to Mrs Pratchett "Now Mrs Pratchett who are the 4 young boys that gave you that very awful shock?", Mrs Pratchett started walking around and looking at everyone. She started to look where the 4 young boys were sitting down, she looked staright at one of the boys and said '' This one, this little boy i saw him!" The headmaster looked at him, and gave him a smerk.

Mrs Pratchett kept on lookingand she got the 2 other boys that were not too far way from where one of the young boys were sitting, as Mrs Pratchett was slowly walking towards the young boy he tried to cover his face, but it didnt work, Mrs Pratchett said straight away " This one headmaster, i saw ths one he is the one that put the rat in the jar". The headmaster looked at the young boy and said "Those 4 boys that Mrs Pratchett caught stand up and meet me at my office".

The 4 young boys stood up and walked slowly to the headmasters office, they were very scared, they didnt know what was going to happen. As the 4 boys got to the headmasters office, they knocked on the door as sure enough the headmaster was right inside waiting for them, as the boys walked inside the headmaster closed the door. The headmaster said " Now Mrs Pratchett what should there punishment be?", as the boys looked at the headmaster, Mrs Pratchett turened around on the chair, the 4 boys were stunned. The headmaster grabbed the cane that was right in the coner of the room, the headmaster said " now boys line up, so i can give you your punishment!".

The boys lined up and the head master called one of the boys to step forward the eamaster grabbed the cane and hit the boy very hard on his back all that you could hear was CRACK...CRACK...CRACK, the other boys were very scared then ever time the boy would move the heamaster would hit you twice as hard. Then the headmaster told another boy to step forward and the same thing happened to him CRACK...CRACK went the cane on the boy's back. Then the same thing happend to the other 2 boys the cracking of the cane was very disterbing. That night as one of the boys had to go for a bath his mother noticed the red marks on his lower back.

His mother went straight to the school and spoke to the headmaster, The headmaster was very rude to the mother but that didnt stop her from moving her son to another state. An since that very day that spiciffic family hasn't been anywhere near that school.