USA Schools Election May 3rd

Technology Bond Issue and Sinking Fund Proposals

What is the election for?

USA School Board has approved a special election on May 3, 2016 for residents to consider two proposals:

  1. A technology bond proposal to update and replace aging computers, increase technology equipment available for student use and add additional security systems including cameras and electronic lock systems and replace aging equipment.
  2. A proposal for a sinking fund to be used for facility improvements and major repairs.


Special School Election

Tuesday, May 3rd, 7am-7pm

2203 Wildner Road

Sebewaing, MI

Not in the area on May 3rd?

ABSENTEE BALLOTS: If you are not able to vote on May 3rd, absentee ballots can be ordered through your local township clerk by -----------------

Technology Bond Proposal

  • Our students will need to be prepared to use learn through the use of technology after graduation.
  • The existing technology equipment is aging. Many of the computers used by staff and students is over 8 years old with some computers that are 10 + years old.

Sinking Fund Proposal

  • A sinking fund can be used to improve facilities, including expensive major repairs.
  • The sinking fund proceeds allow for long term facility planning to increase efficiency and safety of existing buildings and grounds.

Proposals will not increase taxes

Due to increased tax revenue from wind turbines in our district, reduced school debt and refinancing of existing debt, the district is projecting a second year of reduced tax assessments in 2016 from 6.3 mills to 5.7 mills.