Fire Prevention Officer

AA Degree

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Program of Study

The Fire Prevention Officer Degree is designed to prepare students as Fire Protection Engineering Technicians and as staff assistants to Fire Protection Engineers; to enable fire department personnel to upgrade skills in the area of fire prevention; to give architects, engineers and persons from other disciplines an opportunity to expand their knowledge of building, life safety and fire protection.

Upon successful completion of the Fire Prevention Officer Program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills, basic math skill, public relations skills and ethical decision making skills required for the occupation of Fire Inspector.

  • Analyze, evaluate, and develop mitigation plans for emergency and hazardous conditions that are inherent to Fire Prevention.

  • Perform skills that meet National Fire Protection Association Standard 1031 for Fire Inspector, California State Fire Marshal Standards for Fire Inspecor and International Code Council- Fire Inspector I.

This program meets the requirements of the California State Board of Fire Services Certified Firefighter I and college or university preparation.

Please Note: This degree option does not include FTC 121 and 121L in the program. Therefore, students must complete Area F of the Associate Degree general education requirements.

Important: Students must complete the general education requirements as outlined in the appropriate catalog.

Major requirements for the associate degree.

Coursework in this major must be completed sequentially.

Semester 1

  • FTC 101 Fire Protection Organization 3
  • FTC 102 Fire Behavior and Combustion 3

Semester 2

  • FTC 104 Fire Prevention Technology 3*
  • FTC 105 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3*
  • FTC 106 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems 3*

Semester 3

  • FOT 026 Fire Inspector 1A 1.5* **
  • FOT 027 Fire Inspector 1B: Introduction to Fire and Life Safety 1.5* **
  • FOT 028 Fire Inspector 1C: Field Inspection 1.5* **
  • FOT 029 Fire Inspector 1D: Field Inspector 1* **

Semester 4

  • FOT 136 Fire Inspector 2A: Fire Prevention Administration 1* **
  • FOT 137 Fire Inspector 2B: Fire and Life Safety Requirements 1.5* **
  • FOT 138 Fire Inspector 2C: Inspecting Fire & Life Safety Systems and Equip. 1* **
  • FOT 139 Fire Inspector 2D: Hazardous Materials, Operations, and Processes 1.5 * **

Restricted enrollment. Prerequisites must be satisfied.

** These courses carry additional fees required for Course Completion certificates issued by the California State Fire Training and Education System (CSFTES)

Total Units 25.5

Santa Ana College Fire Technology Program

Mission Statement: The Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department serves a diverse community of students. The program provides students the opportunity to develop the technical, academic and professional competencies required for fire and emergency service professions, as well as transfer to higher educational institutions. The department is committed to developing civic leaders that advocate, champion and engage in the ethical administration of public policy.

We are located in the Caesar Chavez Building- Room A-113


Mon-Thurs 8-5

Fri 8-12