Culture notes

riley beveridge

culture notes

It is customary for guests to bring a gift when invited to a meal in a french home. candy and flower (other than chrysanthemums, which are associated with death) are always acceptable. when engaging in a dinner conversation, there are several topics to avoid. These include asking about someones age, profession, salary, or political affiliation.
You might be surprised at what you see - or wont see - in a typical french teenagers room. some french homes don't have closets in the rooms so clothes are hung up in an armoire. Most families have just one TV which is set in a room where everyone can watch it. In most french homes, the bathroom consists of a shower or bath and a sink. you will find the toilet in a room separate from the bathroom. on many french beds, you will find a long pillow called a taversin that covers the width of the bed. Having a phone is expensive in france; there is a charge for each call made. For this reason, few young people have a phone in their room.
When you compliment a french persons home or possessions, the response will be the same as if you complimented the persons clothing or appearance. Tu troves? C'est Vrai? Vraiment? or C'est gentil! are all common responses. Remember that merci isn't the only appropriate response.

Notre-dame de chartres, one of the most famous gothic cathedrals, was built in the thirteenth century on a site where a cathedral had stood in the 6th century. The cathedral can easily be recognized by its different towers-The plain romanesque tower on the left and the more ornate gothic tower on the rightin the photo below. Spared in all major wars and conflicts, chatres still has most of its original stained-glass windows, famous for their rich colors. The Cathedrals flying buttresses, its a great size, and its light filled interior clearly illustrates the genius of gothic construction.