Cole Younger

A man who robbed

The Outlaw

Who Was Cole Younger ?

Cole Younger was an outlaw but he had a family too.

Cole Younger was born January 15, 1844 in Lees Summit Missouri. He Had three brothers John, Jim, and Bob. His dad was a merchant and landowner. His brother John was shot and killed March 17, 1874. Cole was shot by Northfield citizens in the thigh on September 7, 1876.His brother Bob died in prison September 16, 1889. Jim Younger committed suicide on October 19, 1902. Cole’s life ended on March 21, 1916 and is buried in the Lee’s Summit historical cemetery.

What Did Cole Younger Do ?

Cole was fighting for the union army until he was kicked off for violating an order. After this he joined the Confederacy. When he quit the army he went to be an outlaw with Jesse and Frank James. His first robbery was in 1868. His brothers and himself robbed banks in many states like Kansas, Minnesota, West Virginia, Missouri, and Kentucky. The Younger brothers robbed seven trains, 12 banks, and four stagecoaches. A total of 23 robberies. His career ended after he was captured in Northfield Minnesota, trying to rob a bank. After he was let out of jail he joined Frank James in a wild west show.

Cole Younger’s Impact On the World.

The Younger brothers seeked revenge for the poor treatment southern sympathizers suffered after the war. So that is why they joined with Jesse and Frank James. There is a lesson in every person. Cole’s was killing and robbing banks doesn’t solve problems. Even If there are terrible things happening to you or people you know, anger does nothing but cause more problems. Stay happy and live a peaceful life.