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6th Grade Professional Learning Community: Using Data to Paint Our Reality

Purpose of The Vision

Welcome to McKinley Middle School's family newsletter known as The Vision. The purpose of The Vision is to provide ongoing communication to McKinley families and our community. This communication will be centered around our three focus areas for the second semester: Academic Instruction, Social-Emotional-Behavior (SEB) Instruction, and Community Engagement. Our goal is to provide regular communication and progress updates on these three focal points as well as specific information that falls within these realms.

Academic Instruction

We are heading into our third week since implementing changes to our schedule, and the feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers are reporting that they now have the opportunity to go more in-depth with their curriculum, incorporate creativity and collaboration opportunities for students, address different learning styles, and provide more one-on-one support as needed. Teachers are also reporting that the incorporation of Social-Emotional Learning and Mind and Body Time into the schedule is leading to stronger interpersonal relationships between both students and staff as well as students and their peers.

The addition of team collaboration time to the schedule has also led to daily exciting and powerful conversations and opportunities for teachers to work with their grade-alike peers in addressing the academic and social-emotional-behavioral needs of their students. Teams are provided with daily supports from Mr. Hruby (facilitator), Mr. Blietz (assistant principal), Mr. Martinez (principal), Mrs. Wilson (instructional design strategist), and Ms. Ryan (instructional design strategist). The following are each grade level’s team goal(s) for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year:

6th Grade-

80% of students will be proficient on all priority standards as measured by end-of-year benchmark assessments.

7th Grade-

80% of students will be proficient on all priority standards as measured by unit assessments, performance tasks, and/or district benchmark assessments.

8th Grade-

70% of students will show proficiency on end-of-year benchmark assessments.

70% of students will show growth based on end-of-year benchmark assessments.

The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a test intended to measure reading comprehension and match students to text so they can read with confidence and control. The SRI is administered to every McKinley student three times per year; fall, winter, and spring. Below are the most recent results from the winter SRI.
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Social-Emotional-Behavior Instruction

At McKinley Middle School we teach student behavior. Rather than viewing student behavior as a choice, we believe that students behave well if they can. Student behavior is complex and influenced by many factors. These include environment, culture, emotional status, physical needs, and stress. As educators, we expect students will make behavior mistakes as they grow and develop. It's how we respond to their mistakes that matters. To provide parents and community with a detailed overview of our current best practices, the supporting research, and our ongoing progress, we have created to answer any questions you may have. Please check back regularly for ongoing updates to this site.

Community Engagement

McKinley Middle School is pleased to announce two opportunities for parents and community members to learn more about our Social Emotional Behavior practices. Join us February 8th at 6:00 p.m. for What is Mind and Body Time? Hosted by McKinley school nurse Kim Seward, guests will learn more about the Mind and Body Time that has been incorporated into our student's schedules.

The second event, being held February 27 from 6:00-8:00 p.m., features a showing of the documentary, Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope. At the conclusion of this powerful documentary, a guest panel will answer questions about content related to the film and how it relates to our school and community.

In addition, we still have several volunteer opportunities available for parents to partner with our school. These choices include volunteering in the Bear Paw store, classroom volunteers, and before school parent greeters. If you are interested in volunteering at McKinley Middle School, please contact our volunteer coordinator Mrs. Jackie Mason at 319.558.2348 or email

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