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January 8


Stronger Together

I hope you all had a fun and enjoyable Winter Break! We are ready to FINISH STRONG!


Please make sure that whenever you use a substitute that you also enter it into Aesop.

Leave Reminder

An employee may utilize sick leave for the following reasons:

absence due to illness or injury;

absence due to exposure to contagious disease necessitated to protect the health of others who might be endangered by his attendance on duty;

absence due to an illness or death in the employee's immediate family. Immediate family means spouse, children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, in-law equivalent of the above and any relative residing in the employee's home.

Personal Leave:

Per fiscal year, an employee may use up to a maximum of three days of any accumulated sick leave for personal or professional reasons if prior approval of their absence is given by the Superintendent or his authorized representative, provided that the absence is not in conflict with a Board policy concerning school days on which the presence of the employee requesting absence is essential for effective school operation.

Class List Timeline

o Certified/Classified Preference form – Jan. 11

o Teacher Request for Staff Children – Jan. 22

o Pink/Blue Cards (Use MOY data) – Jan. 22

o Parent Form for Student Placement Information – Feb. 12

Georgia School Personnel Survey

The Georgia School Personnel Survey (GSPS) is modeled after the student survey and includes 31 questions. The GSPS is for all staff (certified and classified) who work at least 50 percent of the day in the school. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. Data results from the Georgia School Personnel Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.

The results of this survey are a part of our School Climate Star rating included in our CCRPI score.

Georgia School Personnel Survey:

The employee will use the drop-down menu to select their school district and school.

The window is now open and surveys must be completed no late than February 26th.

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat. Email your answer to Carrie.

What is the largest state in the United States of America?

A. California

B. New York

C. Alaska

D. Texas

Student Perception Surveys Grades 3-5

We will be administering the Student Perception Survey on Wed, Jan 13.

See the schedule placed in your boxes. There is also a link in the Training Page.

Teachers on the schedule will get a folder Wed AM in their boxes with the codes/script. Please return these folders with content to Paula by Wed afternoon.

Click here to view a generic script.

1. Students will login to the computer,

2. Click the survey link (I will send a picture of it out on Tues)

3. Administer the survey using the script.

4. Log out.

Some classes will administer surveys for 2 teachers (classroom and special area/special ed teacher) I tried to pair up the classes so teaming teachers would have the same number of surveys to give.

This process should not take more than 15 minutes per survey.

Thanks for you help in getting these completed!!


From Patty:

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Emilia Teodor - 1/11

Tina Guth - 1/14

Alisa Hardigree - 1/14

Tracy Lunsford - 1/16

Barrie Wiggins - 1/16