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Dodge Charger Past and Present: Hudson Mass

Dodge chargers have been changing throughout the years from a Muscle car to a sports sedan. The Dodge Charger 1967 had a 440 Magnum V-8 now the 2013 Dodge Charger has a 6.4 liter V-8 witch is just a more modern version. The 1967 has 482 foot pounds of torch and the 2013 has 470 foot pounds of torch so they took out torch.The 2013 has a top speed of 175 and the 1967 has a top speed of 212. cites...

Go-Karts: Ronald Laackmann

Go-karts have been involving ever the last 50 years.Even professional NASCAR driver had to drive go-karts until they got offered a NASCAR career.Tony Stewart is one of the people that had to drive go-karts then he got a NASCAR career also Danica Patrick. From 5 to 75 years have been racing go-karts.this is the web site for this paragraph right

ATV:Brandon Schwery

ATV, which stands for all terrain vehicle or 4 wheeler, safety comes first. So there are a lot of rules to ATV safety, They are hard to remember all of them so instead just remember the most important rules like don’t drive an ATV with a passenger or never do stunts on an ATV until you are 16 years old.

A lot of people drive ATV’s and a lot of people wreck but a lot of people never ever wreck in there life. More than 2,770 people die in a year from flipping an ATV or wrecking one or something in common. They can weigh up to 800 lb and some ATV’s are very powerful.

Me personally I love ATV’s because it is an adrenalin rush. I like my ATV and I think you should try it because it is not hard and it is fun. Never try to do a stunt on an ATV that is too big for you because it might flip. ATVs are fast and have a lot of power so remember stay safe.

Snowmobiles:Conner Kloewer

RIP, BANG, VROOM off they go. Snowmobiles have been around since 1908. The first snowmobiles was for traveling in the winter so you don’t slide.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented better snowmobiles that have rubber skies and smaller gas tanks. back then it use to take 4 days 2 hour build them now a days it just take 4 hour to build amazing.

Over 4 Million snowmobile rides today and over 110 people died from snowmobiles a year. And many people still cry today. Do you want to know an interesting fact the fastest snowmobile go’s 192 miles pr. hour WOW.


Hudson Mass, Ronald Laachmann, Conner Kloewer, Brandon Schwery.
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