Bobcat Nation Newsletter

October 2020

Morning Meetings

Why does my child need to log on everyday at 8:50AM?

The number one reason that we need all students to log on at 8:50 AM daily is for our Morning Meeting. This is a time for students working remotely to interact with their teachers and with their classmates. Being apart from their friends can cause social and emotional concerns and the Morning Meeting time is filled with opportunities for students to connect and stay informed with what is happening at school. The second reason for logging in at 8:50 AM daily is this is how students' daily attendance in school is recorded. Missing this time adds up and the loss of instructional time can set students behind.

If you need help logging in, please call the school right away at 531-299-1100 and we are happy to assist!

For our students attending face-to-face, please be reminded of a few things so that we can help keep everyone safe and ready to learn:

  • Wear face coverings and maintain social distancing
  • Bring your iPad and charger daily
  • Self monitor for symptoms and if you or a family member is ill, remain home so you can remain healthy
  • Remote and At Home Learners log on for their class Morning Meeting everyday at 8:50 AM
  • Remember to call the school at 531-299-1100 if you are going to be absent from school or Remote Learning

Learning Agendas for Remote Learning and At-home Learning

Students at home during 3/2 or Remote will sign-on to their class at 8:50 AM for attendance and to get the latest information on what they are learning today. Here is a link to the learning agenda posted on our website. This will be updated weekly:


The building is open for students at 8:35am. Please do not drop students off prior to that time, as there is no staff on duty for supervision. Students are welcome to line up at the front doors for the breakfast program. Students will need to use the painted paws on the sidewalk as an indicator to maintain social distance while waiting to enter the building

Attendance: Early Out & Late Students

While we want students present each school day, we understand that things come up. If your child is late to school, we will check them in at the office and send them to class (parents do NOT need to come in with them).

If you need to check your child out early for any reason, please call the front office ahead of time at 531-299-1100. Let us know the time you will be picking your child up and we will have them waiting in the office for you. If your child returns from an appointment, parents do not have to sign the child back in. Direct the child to come to the office and we will take care of signing them back into school.

Parent - Teacher Conferences October 21st & 22nd

If you have not signed up for Parent Teacher Conference, please make sure to contact your teacher or look for a sign-up genius email! All conferences will be virtual. You will join the conference via an invitation in an email with a link to join a Microsoft Teams meeting. You can join this link on a phone or any device of your choosing.

Dates to Remember:

October 21: No School Early Childhood

October 21-22: Conferences

October 22-23: No School

November 3-4: No School

Dec. 14- Jan. 5: Winter Recess