Bail Nine Ring Leaders no hope ??

by Indy

Bail Nine Members Running Out of Hope

In Bail 2 men are part of a group that most people refer to the Bail Nine. There are nine members who all dealt drugs and where all sentace life in prision in 2005. The two leaders of this group Andrew Chan and Myura Skumaran, where sentace a horrible punishment the death penalty or capital punishment in Indoneisa. This punishment is when a person is shot and killed.

The problem isfor the last decade they have change there lives around by painting for money to pay for people with disabilities. One story is a prisinor needed an opporation that he urgentally needed, so the two men painted a painting a sold it for a enough money to pay for the opporation. this prisinor's life was saved by these two men.

Has Hope Truly Ran Out ??

Even though these men have change around they are still facing the capital punishment. China has had one thousand plus death through capital punishment while Australia has had all states stop the capital punishment by 1885 due to jails and rehabilitaion camps where making it easier for people to turn there lives around. With these two men there is a large debate about should they be punished harshley on what they did or because they change there lives around not to have such harsh punishment and be spared what do you think ??