Las Cañitas

Classy and Lively

with a taste of self indulgence

A common question among locals is where is Cañitas located? (is it part of Palermo or Belgrano?) Despite the answer to this small interrogee is not so complex, what is worth to be asked is why this area limited by Libertador and Luis Maria Campos, Olleros and Dorrego avenues has differentiated itself from both Palermo and Belgrano neighborhoods, catching everyone’s attention and creating an identity of its own.

Las Cañitas is characterized by narrow coble stone and tree-lined streets, where both old and modern apartment buildings coexist in a very peaceful and a yet sophisticated atmosphere.

It is a hot spot for nightlife, exclusive shopping, and a trendy place to live for young and wealthy people. In the last two decades several high class real estate projects were developed in the area.

In past days, let’s say 50 years ago, it used to be a place for suburban residences, classic, low and stylish houses with big gardens, some of which still remain.

But if we go even farther backward in time, the first construction around here were risen by the Argentinian Militar Army, whom built a settlement for its officials and a series of other buildings such as the Militar Hospital, the Equestrian Center, a great deal of stable and studs and the Bs As Polo Court, which has been active since 1930’s.

It´s strategic location guarantees excellent transportation facilities, as it´s surrounded by very important avenues, but its narrow and diagonal inner streets discourages car traffic inside the neighborhood keeping a quiet environment, sound contamination free.

Being a compact area of 14 blocks, all you could need is round the corner, from deli´s to supermarkets, gyms, laundries and drugstores.. and the list goes on.

Despite Cañitas does not offer historical sights to visit, it’s a compelled destination for those seeking for the Buenos aires good life experience. It is not hard to understand why local residents simply love their neighbourhood, life in Cañitas is kind and relaxed.

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