The history, the rules, and the positions of football.

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The College of New Jersey (which is now the Princeton Tigers) and the Rutgers played in the first football game, and the Rutgers won by 2 points. The first modern-day football game was played in 1874. Professional football started in 1892 and that was about 120 years ago. "The Greatest Game Ever Played" was the 1958 championship game. The first football club was formed by school boys in 1862.
In the late 1800's football was extremely violent. In 1869-1873 Princeton won three college championships. In 1874 Yale won the college championship. In 1890 Harvard won the college championships. In 1895 Penn State won the college championship.In 1950-1957 the Browns won three championships.
In 1967 and 1968 the Green Bay Packer's won the Super Bowl. In 1969 the Jet's won the Super bowl. In 1970 Kansas City Chief's won the Super Bowl. In 1971 Baltimore Colts won the Super Bowl. In 1972 Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. In 1973 and 1974 the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl (first N.F.L team to go undefeated). In 1975 and 76 the Pittsburgh Steeler's won the Super Bowl. In 1977 the Oakland Raider's won the Super Bowl. In 1978 the Dallas Cowboy's won the Super Bowl. In 1979 and 1980 Pittsburgh Steeler's won the Super Bowl. In 1981 the Oakland Raider's won the Super Bowl. In 1982 the San Francisco 49er's won the Super Bowl. In 1983 the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl. In 1984 the Los Angele's Raider's won the Super Bowl. In 1985 the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl. In 1986 the Chicago Bear's won the Super Bowl. In 1987 the New York Giant's won the Super Bowl. In 1988 the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl.
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The total amount of players on the field for each team is 11 players,there are 4 15 minute quarters and half time is 12 minutes long,each team gets 3 time outs per half, halftime has to be 12 minutes long. A 15 minute sudden-death overtime if the scores are tied. One touchdown is worth six points, a field goal is worth 3 points, and the objective is to score more touchdowns than the other team. This is achieved by running the ball or passing the ball, if you get 10 or more yards than it is first down, the ball is punted if you didn't make a first down, you can get an extra point if you make the two point-conversion. The coin-toss starts the game, there is no holding, and no grabbing the face mask. You can not tackle the QB after the ball has left his hand, you can not run into the referee, and there is absolutely no fighting. All of the players may no be currently injured in order to play, substitution is allowed at any time, all players must be wearing proper padding and cleats. There is absolutely NO trash talk, arguing with the referee is NOT allowed, and you MUST have good sportsmanship. All players must be and stay behind the coaches box, you are NOT allowed to cross the line of scrimmage before the play starts, and the ball must be properly inflated. There is NO illegal equipment allowed, changing your jersey is not allowed, and you may only change your jersey if your current jersey is torn.
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The first and most important player out of the whole team is the quarterback (QB)the next position is center, next up is running back. The next position is fullback, then wide receiver, then tight end. The next two positions are left and right guard, the next two are left and right tackle, then comes defensive tackle. The next one is the same as the last except for the last word which makes it defensive end, then line backer, then safety, then cornerback. The next position is halfback, then tackle,then outside line backer. Then it is middle line backer at the last position. The quarterback is the leader on the field and calls all of the plays. The center is the player that snaps the ball to the quarterback. The running back runs the ball after he receives it from the quarterback. The full back blocks the runner when the runner runs the ball. The wide receiver is the one that catches (or aka receives) the pass or throw. The tight end plays receiver but also blocks the runner when he runs the ball. The left and right guard protect the quarterback. The left and right tackle stay in front and help the left and right guard protect the quarterback. The defensive tackle stop runs and/or distract the quarterback. The defensive end and defensive tackle combine to tackle the quarterback or runner. The line backer defend the run and/or pass. The safety defends the deep pass or run. The corner back blocks the receiver and tries to intercept the pass and take the ball.