Rollings' Pirates in Action

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King's Mountain- a GREAT Learning Experience!

Not a dull moment on Friday during our grade level trip to King's Mountain where we explored the exact area that hosted a major battle of the Revolutionary War. Be sure to ask your learners about their favorite part and what they think we will learn from this.

We ROCKED the 80's!

Drug Free - Spirit Week...

was a BLAST! I was most impressed with some of the "totally awesome" styles they rocked. We sure do know how to have a good time learning!

Fourth Grade Hosts Mock Election, 2012

The Election - Taking Action

Wow, I was so impressed last week when your children modeled responsible citizenship by conducting a school-wide mock election. Students enjoyed coming to our "polls" to cast their vote.

To preview the election, our class paired up with another fourth grade class to create an iMovie that stressed the importance of taking responsibility for knowing about the candidates and making a choice that is right for YOU. Please take a minute to celebrate their patriotic efforts! (CHILDREN CHOOSE - ELECTION VIDEO)

Also, be sure to check out the nation-wide results. How can we analyze these results? What information can we conclude based on the graphs and charts we see?

Upcoming Inquiries

Math - Multiplication: How do patterns in numbers and mathematical process help us understand multiplication? We will "check" for understanding Wednesday and assess next week (see agenda). PLEASE make sure you are reviewing assessments

Social Studies/Science -

  • Exploration - what makes people explore? Students will investigate the early and modern motivations of explorers. What do they have in common? How has exploration evolved throughout history?
  • Columbian Exchange - What resources did the European explorers have to offer the New World? What resources did the New World have to offer Europeans? Was this motivation for people to travel and explore? How did this exchange impact the world?
  • Solar System - How did the solar system effect early exploration? How do modern astronomers use the positioning of the sun, moon, and stars to explain global events?

ELA - We continue to use informational text features to help us be more "aware" readers. I will begin Fountas and Pinnell assessments next week and look forward to some one-on-one conferencing with each child.

V.I.D's (very important dates)

  • November 6th - Election Day - no school
  • Fourth Grade Swimming - November 7 (Wednesday), 9th (Friday), 13th (Tuesday), and 16th (Friday) - please send child to school IN their bathing suit under clothes. We will board buses directly after special areas. Please be sure to send a towel, dry set of clothes, plastic bag, and any other items that are needed (goggles and swim caps are welcomed but not required). PLEASE e-mail me if you have any questions. This is a great experience for our fourth graders that we look forward to every year.
  • Wednesday, November 14th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, February 6th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, March 13th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, April 24th - Late Start