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Hi guys,

This year we have been running some real Animation projects through MC Crew.

Lately we worked on an animation prototype which has been pretty successful and more projects are coming in starting to pile up. So we are recruiting!

We need mainly modellers, animators and team leaders/managers but we could benefit from designers/artists (storyboard/concept art/texture creation in Photoshop). You need to be able to come on a weekly meeting in the evening (16h45 - 19h45 on Thursdays) and work independently throughout the week.

This is a job you should be paid for (You are not going to be millionaires though...) on a commission base. As it is a job you are expected to attend at all times the weekly meeting.

Like every job if you do not commit or do not take this job seriously, do not meet your deadlines for invalid reasons, you'll be dropped from the project. This is a great opportunity to work with real clients and gain work experience for your CV and personal development, it will be invaluable when applying to University or job it will make the difference with other applicants that did not have that chance.

The brief:

I take the role of producer/helper (yes, you will learn new skills and get better with software)

The projects that we are currently looking at are as follow:

  • ARCO: After we completed the first prototype that the client was very happy with, he takes it to his company board for validation this week to get the go ahead for something like 16+ animations to follow. These animations are machinery and water jet tools animation.
  • Transporter Bridge:
    • Project one: Recreating Transporter Bridge and its surrounding in 1911, it might be a walkthrough animation but we are looking into making it more exciting, you can help!
    • Project two: Recreating Transporter Bridge area during WW1 to pictures events at that time.
    • More possible projects such as telling history of the Bridge during WW2 bombings (Lots of explosions and mint stuff to animate), or making games about the Transporter Bridge (Arcade, Quizzes etc…), animation showing how to board the Bridge…
  • RBT: Health and Safety 3D animations for machinery such as conveyor belts and such.
  • Middlesbrough College: Possible opportunity to recreate the college within UDK for an interactive walkthrough to export inside college on PC, mobile and internet.
  • Around the bend: Driving instruction company that emitted an interest in producing Do’s and Don’ts when driving. This could be fun if they allow us to use humour.
  • And many more of our own if we can think of any game or animation that could be useful for teaching, instructing… Games that could be used in the classroom etc… Would you not like learning through playing a game? Make it!

If you are interested in taking part or have any questions please email me right away at

An application should be coming soon to MC jobs.