My Holocaust Child

by Tiasiah Henley

Rest in Peace Magda Moses[[:

She was born on june 7,1927 in the northern transylvanian town of cluj. she was the only child of Gus and bertha.At the time of Madga's birth,cluj was part of rumania, but in 1940 notrhern transylvania was taken over by ally on nazi Germany. Magda a thirteen year old school girl at the time found out that sh;e was no longer Rumanian, but Hungarian. Magda continued studies at the local Jewish highschool until her seventeenth year.She was sent to t;h;e camps to work because she was healthy at first the guards had broke her shoulder and collar bone. she was transported to work at camps in Germany as they were forced th retreat from eastern euorpe.She returned to her home town on august 26,1945 but she could not trace her family. Because they had been murdered by the nazi's

1.where are they from?she is from northern Transylvanian town of cluj.

2.How old is my child?17yrs old.

3.What was her family like?she was the only child of Gus and Bertha Mozes.

4.After the Holocaust began,what happened to you child?she was deported to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. Because she was healthy she wasn't sent to the gas chambers and was put to work as a slave laborer.

5. What have people learned since the Holocaust? we as people should learn that we should never ever discriminate no one because of their race, religion or believes. never discriminate against gays, handicapped,and lebians because that's what they belive in.