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SHSD Learning Academy Attendance Email Links

SHSD Jr./Sr. High School Learning Academy Attendance Email

SHSD Elementary School Learning Academy Attendance Email

Parents/Guardians: Please send an email to the following email contacts when your child is absent from school. If you have children in both buildings, please make sure to include both email contacts in order for the school to correctly document the absence(s).

Please note that if you don’t have access to email, you will be expected to provide an absentee note to the attendance secretary at your child’s school.

Steelton-Highspire Learning Academy Resources

Below you will find a video clip of how to log on to our Learning Academy online courses. This is ONLY for full-time Cyber Academy students. Any student in the "brick-n-mortar" setting will not need this information.
First Time Logon Training

Edison Learning

Edison is the main vendor for grades 6-12 for all core courses such as Math, English, Science, & Social Studies. This information will help to orient student and parents to Edison Learning.
Edison Learning Introduction

Edison Learning

Please click on the link below for a video showing an overview of the student portal for Edison Learning.

Edison Learning

How to Navigate A Course

How to Access On-Demand Tutoring Sessions

Edison Student Help Tips

Edison Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Policy

Edison Learning Course Catalog (6-12th Grade)

Click on the Edison Learning button and then scroll to the bottom of the page to view the various courses Edison Learning offers.

eDynamic Learning Overview

eDynamic Learning Course Components Overview

Accelerate Education Overview-(Grades 6-12)

Accelerate Education Middle School, High School, and Credit Recovery Overview
Accelerate Education K5 Overview
Learning Coach Overview K5 (Accelerate Education) 2020

Apex Learning Overview

Student Experience: See Our Courses in Action

Apex Learning

Please click on the link below for information about Apex's AP (Advanced Placement & Alternative Elective) Courses.

AP (Advanced Placement) & Elective Options

Strongmind Learning Overview

StrongMind Courseware Orientation
K-2 Course Features
Student Orientation


If you would like more information before signing your child up for our online learning academy, please click on the "Information" link below. Upon completion of the form,

someone will be in contact to provide details regarding our cyber program.


At Steelton-Highspire Learning Academy we offer the option of full-time, part-time, and singleton courses.

Steelton-Highspire Learning Academy

If you are interested in joining our Learning Academy, please use the contact information below.