Deerfield September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

Calendar of Events

Sept 5- No School- Labor Day

Sept 9 - Free State Homecoming Parade 4pm

Sept 13- Deerfield PTO Meeting in Cafeteria 7:00pm-8:00pm

Sept 19- Healthy Futures Dental Clinic

Oct 7- 3rd Grade Field Trip to Prairie Park Nature Center

October 11- Deerfield PTO Meeting 7pm

October 12 - Fall Parties (teachers will set time)

October 13- Picture Day

October 13- End of 1st Quarter

October 14- No School- Reporting/Recording

October 20 & 21- No School Parent Teacher Conferences

October 24- No School

October 30- Trunk-OR-Treat 3:00-4:00 (see PTO newsletter)

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We are excited to announce that Deerfield will be having the Healthy Futures Dental Team come to our school on 9/19/2022. Healthy Futures provides the highest quality of care when it comes to comprehensive and preventative dental services. Enroll your child for FREE. Our school-based dental program includes dental exams, x-rays, dental cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride and fillings. This program is optional for anyone without a primary dentist or anyone who has not been seen by a dentist in the last six months for regular routine dental care. We accept enrollment forms all year, but to ensure they receive services at the upcoming clinic, please submit consents as soon as possible to ensure your child is seen on September, 19 Forms are available in the school office or through the online secure forms at the following links:



You may also print the attached form and return to the school nurse or directly to the Healthy Futures Coordinator, Amanda, at the following:


Healthy Futures accepts Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and the uninsured. There is NO COST to you even if your child is uninsured or not fully covered through commercial insurance. This program is open to all students, no restrictions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amanda at 785-841-7297, ext. 5601


The first two weeks of school teachers reviewed safety procedures for fire, tornado and intruder emergencies.

Below is information about our intruder/lockdown/lockout procedures (see the difference on the graphic below).

Schools are required to conduct 3 intruder drills. Student safety will always be the first priority of the Lawrence Public Schools. It is important to maintain open lines of communication between home and school. Sharing information serves as the best prevention measure for school safety issues. If you see something, say something! Please contact the school and encourage your student to tell an adult at school about any safety concerns.

The district’s crisis plans include ALICE strategies for us in the event of an intruder. The ALICE acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. ALICE uses technology and age-appropriate information and training to prepare staff and students to make informed decisions in a crisis to keep themselves and others safe from harm.

Among the organizations endorsing ALICE are the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools.

ALICE means:

ALERT – Use clear and concise language to convey specifics about the safety threat.

LOCKDOWN – Shelter in place in a secure area, locking the door, and barricading entry.

INFORM – Continue to convey information about the type and location of the threat.

COUNTER – Apply learned skills to distract and confuse an intruder.

EVACUATE – Run away from the building to a designated rally point or other safe location.

The district provides ALICE training for all employees. Schools practice ALICE drills regularly, just as they do fire and tornado drills. Training and practice drills include scenarios affecting different parts of the building during different times of the day. Staff and students will discuss possible alerts that may be heard during a crisis, and how to barricade entrances, evade an intruder, locate the closest exits, and evacuate to safe locations.

The district will instruct students that when an alert is given, no matter where they are in a building, they should find a safe place to lockdown and barricade or evacuate. Since private vehicle use can cause traffic jams and delay the arrival of first responders needed on campus as soon as possible for public safety, staff will instruct students who drive to school to evacuate by running from the building.

ALICE instruction is age-appropriate, including the use of a storybook for younger students. We know that younger students need frequent reminders of safe practices in order to make good decisions related to their personal safety. The district asks that families assist us by reinforcing good personal safety habits, including listening and following directions and knowing and understanding the different safety drills practiced at school.

Lawrence Public Schools will continue to practice, evaluate, and improve emergency procedures. For more safety information and resources, please visit the District Website: Safety Information and Resources page.

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September PTO Newsletter Here!

Volunteering, Trunk or Treat, High 5 Nominations

Updated LPS COVID Guidelines and Home Test kit information

Please see Updated Covid Guidance below.

Covid Test Kits:

At-Home Covid-19 tests, or "over the counter" (OTC) tests can detect current Covid-19 infections and give results within a few minutes. You should test yourself if you have symptoms, have been exposed to Covid-19, or are attending a large indoor event.

How to Get an At-Home Covid-19 Test


Our goal is for our students to see themselves in our changemakers and to also learn that they can do anything they put their mind to. Another goal is for our students to see people who are unfamiliar to them, to grow in empathy, and to push for the inequalities that marginalized communities face.

9/7-9/9- Dr. Anthony Lewis

9/12-9/16- Pam Munoz Ryan

9/19-9/23- Lin-Manuel Miranda

9/26-9/30- Langston Hughes

DEERFIELD VIP - Very Important People Volunteers

In an effort to be inclusive of all people, Deerfield is moving away from the WatchDOGS program and moving to Deerfield VIPs. Deerfield VIPs (Very Important People) is a volunteer opportunity aimed at adults who are important to our students. Deerfield VIPs can be individuals who serve as a positive role model in the life of any Deerfield student. As a Deerfield VIP, you will volunteer for your child's teacher/grade level in a variety of settings and complete a variety of tasks. For example: a Deerfield VIP could help supervise recess, work with small groups of students, and/or complete clerical tasks. The VIPs will receive a daily schedule for the amount of time they volunteer. We are welcoming VIPs into the building beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6 (VIP dates/times are at the discretion of the classroom teacher). Due to limited space, VIPs will not be able to stay for or to help with lunch in the cafeteria. At this time, we're asking that VIPs only sign up for a maximum of 2 times per semester (the first semester ends Dec. 20). If you're interested in signing up to be a VIP, please find your student's grade-level link below to sign up for a date during the first quarter.

- Kindergarten - 1st Qtr SignUp Genius link

- 1st grade - 1st Qtr grade SignUP Genius link

- 2nd grade - 1st Qtr SignUp Genius link

- 3rd grade - SignUp Genius link

- 4th/5th grade - SignUp Genius link

NOTE: We still have "regular" volunteers as needed by your classroom teachers. Classroom teachers will arrange any other volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Volunteer Guide

All volunteers will be asked to review and abide by our volunteer guidelines. Please review the guidelines prior to your first day of volunteering. See Volunteer Guidelines HERE!

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Sign Up to Get Text Reminders

Our main mode of communication will be direct email and newsletters. However, on occasion we send text reminders for special events our announcements. If you would like to received text reminders, o sign up by texting 81010 with the following message according to your child's last name:

A-D: @deera-d

E-K: @deere-k

L-Q: @deerl-q

R-Z: @deerr-z

When prompted, enter your name and your child's name in parentheses. Please know that you number is not shared with anyone else. You can unsubscribe anytime by texted @leave.

Deerfield Expectations

Below you will find our Deerfield Expectations for following our 3R's - Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Ready to Learn. Students will be taught our expectations within the first few weeks of school. Please help reinforce these expectations with your student(s).
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School Directory Information

The FERPA Annual Notice directs parents who object to the public release of directory information to request, complete, and return a Non-Disclosure of Student Information Form. If you wish to NOT have your child's contact information in our annual school directory please fill out this form and return to the school office by September 10th. If we do not receive this form your child's contact information will be listed as shown below....

Student Name

Parent/Guardian 1




Parent/Guardian 2


Parent Tech Guide

Find answers to your tech questions here!

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