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February 2017


Dr. Shives, Health Director for GSC, came to an Executive Committee meeting a few months ago and challenged each of us on the subject of our health. His challenge was a 10-day, plant- based Daniel diet. I decided, along with the VP of Administration and the VP of Finance, to step up to the plate. I personally walked away from that presentation saying, "I have got to do better”. To be honest with you, as I promised I would be in my President's Posts, I have not been very good with my diet for quite some time. There was actually a time when both Teresa and I were vegans before being a vegan was popular. Overtime however, it seemed that our Christianity got replaced by our diet. I am embarrassed to admit this but it is the truth. The most important and careful thing in my life was how and what I ate. Food became my god. Years later, because of the experience, I swung to the other side of the fence. I didn't pay much attention to what I was eating.

Recently, I spent 5 days at Uchee Pines for a retreat. The event was life-changing. I had a meeting with Dr. Sandoval and openly discussed my lifestyle. I found him to be very interested in my health and extremely kind and helpful. I had blood drawn and discovered that I was not as healthy as I thought I was. With the Uchee Pines staff helping me, I underwent their treatments, learned new food preparation techniques, and have since radically changed my diet. I was treated so well at Uchee and everyone was so helpful. Now I have gone back to baking bread the old fashion way- by hand, I’ve stopped eating supper, and I am walking 2-3 miles a day. Each of these things, along with a plant-based diet, has led to significant weight loss. I am only just beginning; wait and see! As I write this President Post it’s been one month since I started this journey, but in those first 10 days, I experienced so much change!

Thank you for your prayers regarding my health. I promise you that vegetables won't take the place of my Savior this time around. It sure feels good to be healthier and give God a chance through better habits to extend my life and influence for Him.

Just a note on the upcoming Camp Meeting Convocation:

Please mark your calendar for April 7 and 8 at Camp Alamisco for the start of our new Camp Meeting Convocation services. If you can't attend the Friday evening service, please come and spend the Sabbath with us. Elder Mike Tucker will be our featured Sabbath speaker. Then May 24-27, our Bass Academy Camp Meeting will be held with Dr. Jim Gilley speaking on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Dr. Joe Kidder will be our weekend speaker. I look forward to seeing you there!

Until next month,


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