Peek of the Week 9/28

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Principal Message

Team: the bus is still going, and I know everyone is working really hard. Take the opportunity to rest this weekend. There is amazing things happening in the classrooms and your planning is evident. Keep your momentum strong with changes you are adjusting to or incorporating in your classrooms. You made a vow this morning at the college assembly: remember to believe in yourself and all the efforts you put in to create a school culture that believes in students and their future.
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Parent Conferences October 8th

See the letter that was e-mailed. It will be placed in your box to go out Monday. If you are interested in stepping out into technology, you may try the following.!1226917/true/false

NEU Update

The NEU met last Friday to review "college crazy" expectations. Tuesday we encourage students and staff to wear their NEU shirts. Friday is the college that classroom is supporting or college that parents are supporting. The importance is having the conversation with students about the college and learning more about it (location, majors, chants, colors, mascot, etc). See you at the next meeting in October.

Volunteers Procedures

Team: Nubia works really hard each year to gather the database for volunteers. If you need volunteers for an event, visit the binder and let's visit about your plans. The office needs to be aware to expect volunteers. Our black bin system is still there if you would like to coordinate for a volunteer to come do the work. The hours are Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 a.m., but if you have a different time need, let's visit. I appreciate volunteers, most especially those who are here for ALL students and value the importance of confidentiality.

Recess and Study Hall

Please visit with your team, to ensure you have a consistent plan for study hall. Refer to Study Hall in the Handbook: opportunity for teachers to work with students who need extra assistance; make-up work, etc. Recess is a privilege and sometimes your students really need it:

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How To: A Teacher's Guide To Parent Teacher Conferences

Add to Padlet for free jeans on Monday Sept. 28th

Principal Meeting- JRE is hosting

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 7:30am

conference room