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Norfolk JR. High

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Sleeping Man Destroys the Town

On September 24, 2015, at eight o'clock at night Wee Willie Winkie ran really fast destroying the small of Tomorrowland. He was tapping at the windows and crying through the locks of the orphanage house. He woke up because his mom yelling at him, and checked if all the children were in their bed. His mom claimed that he was running upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown. His mom took him home and the whole town lived happily ever after, but after they rebuilt the town of Tomorrow land.

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Jupiter Ascending

I like this movie because it is action packed and it's romantic. Jupiter Ascending came out this year in theaters and is one of the best movies I've ever seen! The movie starts out with Jupiter being treated badly and forced to work as a maid. The king of Jupiter the planet, commands his aliens to go after Jupiter. When Jupiter goes out to a bee farm, the bees follow her. To find out why they follow her, you must see the movie. This movie really grabbed my attention because you never know for sure what is going to happen next. I advise you to watch this movie because if you like action and romantic movies, then you will like this movie.
Jupiter Ascending - New Trailer - Official Warner Bros

Jennie Finch

Jennie was born on September 3rd 1980. She is now 35-years-old. As a child, Jennie was a bat girl for the Bruins baseball team. Jennie joined her first league, l’il miss T-ball, after her fifth birthday. During winter vacation in Iowa one year, she celebrated her first snowfall by packing a snowball and literally heaving it out of sight. Jennie was born in La Mirada, California. Her height is 6’0” exactly! Jennie went to La Mirada High School, and she graduated from the University of Arizona. Her father later on became her pitching coach, and in the evenings when he wasn’t there, he made a batting cage and turned a trampoline into a pitching net for her to use. Later, Jennie set an NCAA record for consecutive wins. She was an Olympic gold medalist in 2004, an Olympic silver medalist in 2008, and two years later, Jennie retired in 2010. Jennie later married her husband, Casey Daigle. He is a former major league pitcher for the Diamondbacks and the Astros. Jennie had three children named Pasiley Faye Daigle, age 2, Ace Shane Daigle, age 8, and Diesel Dean Daigle.


Instagram is one of my favorite apps because it is easy to use. On instagram, you can talk to your friends on a DM (direct message). You can share photos on your account for all your friends to see. You can search for people when you click the magnifying glass, and it will take you to the page to find people. If you don't want random people following you, then go to your settings and under account turn on private account. To go see what others have posted, you go to the bottom left hand corner and tap on the house. You should try this app sometime, because I like seeing what my friends are up to, and you might too!

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