Frederick IV of Denmark

October 11, 1671 – October 12, 1730

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Where was he origionally from?


Where did he reign?

Denmark and later Norway.

How long was he in power?

From 1699 to 1730

How did he show his power?

  • He would almost always have people with him. (at least 70)
  • Had independence from ministers.
  • He permitted anyone from complaining to him, he even set laws over it.
  • Had a strong military force and used it to invade.

What relationship did he have with his people?

During research it wasn't specific, but when he flaunted his power and always had people with him, I assume he had a good relationship with the people. Also because nobody ever tried to overthrow him, or ever try to declare war on him. Frederick IV more declared war on others. He also used his power better than his father.

What ended his reign?

He died from Edema/ Dropsy.

Edema/Dropsy is when fluid builds under the skin and causes severe pain. Its a mutation of homeostasis.

Did anyone try to revolt him?

Frederick IV used his power correctly, and was strict to himself, so nobody ever questioned him. He used his power better than his father.

other facts

  • Had 9 children
  • Had many wives. (two at a time and when one died he got another.)
  • Son of King Christian V.
  • He enjoyed theatre and other arts.