My opinion on the war of 1812

My flyer

Royce Lewis

5 Facts about the war

The was began June 18,1812 and ended December 24, 1814.

2,260 American men died in "the war of 1812"

James Madison blocked all American trade during the war.

4 countries were at parallel war (Canada, America, Britain, and France)

Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia.

My opinion of the war

i think Napoleon started the war and gave the British the upper hand when they tried to recapture the US colonies. The Canadians were only trying to protect themselves. Napoleon wanted to capture Great Britain.

5 Events in the war

January 19: skirmish in river raisin.

January 22: British victory at Frenchtown.

January 23: massacre at river raisin.

February 6: US raid on brockville.

February 22: British capture ogdensburg.