November Newsletter

What's happening in 5th grade


We have started our next Unit of Study where we will be tackling complex nonfiction texts while writing about our reading. We will be looking at main ideas, context clues, attacking tricky vocabulary, summarizing, and asking questions about what we read.


We will be working to understand order of operations, determining patterns with objects, pictures, numbers, and tables. Finally, we will start to discover what a variable is and how it is used.

Social Studies

We will learn about the features, resources, and states of the Northeast and Southeast. We will also compose letters from the point of view of immigrants fighting for working rights.


We have begun our next Unit of Study. We are researching and writing about the Westward Expansion. We will then move into researching and writing about a more focused aspect of the Westward Expansion (Pony Express, Oregon Trail, Erie Canal, etc.)


We will present our Natural Resource projects and begin our second big homework project reviewing the planets in our solar system. We will also begin investigating the ocean in class and its characteristics.


Students have begun the D.A.R.E. program. Our next D.A.R.E. date is November 25th. Please remind your child to charge their laptops every night. We are having lots of students come to school with uncharged laptops. Conferences were held at the end of October and November. If you missed your conference, please contact your student's teacher to set one up. The reading benchmark will be on November 6th, math on November 8th, and science on November 12th. As the weather cools, we will continue to venture outside for recess.... please remind your child to dress appropriately!

November Birthdays

Hayden 11/3, James 11/7, Joshua 11/7, Yareli 11/8, Phillip 11/21, Elizabeth 11/28, Brandon 11/29