MPACT 2013


Planning Meeting Agenda for April 12th

  • Good News
  • Today's Objectives
  • Planning Timelines & Budget Projections
  • What's the 411? ~ Committee Updates

Publicity Committee ~ Abby & Jodi

Workshop Committee ~ Felicia

Materials & Supplies Committee ~ Kelly James

Registration Committee ~ Ashley

Sponsorship Committee ~ Floridalia & Tonda

Hospitality Committee ~ Alex

Technology Committee ~ Renee

Facilities & Design Committee ~ Jason & Colleen

Swag Committee ~ Melissa

Entertainment ~ Muya

  • Next Steps
  • Today's Launch

"Impacting Student Achievement Through Engaged, Aligned Classrooms"

If you haven't already joined EDMODO, the code for MPACT2013 is: nxzkhe

Norms for Committee Updates

When giving your updates, be sure to:

  • Be cognizant of time. Keep your report at 5 - 7 minutes.
  • Committee members may request that items be added to the agenda by contacting the Committee Chair 24 hours prior to a Planning Committee meeting.
  • If you don't have anything to report for today, just say so.
  • Is there anything that you need right now from another group to get a specific task completed for your group?
  • Do you need for us to give you any input on a specific item or vote on something directly related to a project for your group?
  • Be cognizant of time. Yes...I know that I repeated this :)
  • Remember that you can always get clarification from me on items after the meeting has adjourned. I can come and join your workgroups whenever you like.
  • Always be IN the loop. Others will look to us for answers to questions regarding the Institute. We should be able to answer questions and/or direct them to a person who can.

Your Next Steps

  1. Please submit a list of FAQ's you think participants will want to know about the institute onto Edmodo. We will create a FAQ page to be included on our website.
  2. Communicate...Communicate...Communicate. This is key to our success as a team. Your workgroup members should know exactly what is going on. Their work is critical to the success of our Institute.
  3. You can invite your workgroup members to some of our meetings, if you like, especially when there is something key your group needs to share with the larger group. However, it is not necessary that they attend every weekly planning meeting.
  4. Keep a binder of ALL of the things that you are doing each month. For example, minutes from your workgroup meetings, contacts, etc. We will need this for MPACT 2014.
  5. Pace yourself and follow your timelines. Rome wasn't built in day!
  6. Remain flexible and continue to have fun planning! You are each doing a super fantastic job!

Planning Timelines & Committee Budgets

Friday, April 12th 2013 at 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Place your completed Planning Timelines & Tentative Budgets in your committee's folder on Edmodo.


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My Take Away: While planning MPACT, l will challenge myself and cross limits, to achieve our goals! What's yours?

MPACT Steering Committee

Claudia Acevedo, Cindy Brackmeyer, Tonda Brown, Chrysta Carlin, Alex Carrillo, Laurie Fay, Ashley Fredo, Muya Hayes, Roel Hinojosa, Jason Hook, Kelly James, Lisa Kutsch, Rebecca Lott, Melissa Payne, Laura Perez, Jodi Posados, Abby Siedenstrang, Renee Setser, Colleen Stearns, David Surdovel, Leslie Thomas, Felicia Turner, Floridalia Zuniga-Gray, & Leslie Whitworth