Sanquan' portfolio

Ms Pineda English 9 spring 2015

Unlimited funds!!

Unlimited funds is my best journal because, because I took my time and I explained everything well. I also felt like this was my best journal because I told everything I would do with my funds. It was a fun to talk about to. I also could kind of relate to It to cause when I get paid I go straight to the mall

What would you do if you could visit the past, what does it take to be a survivor

What would you do if you could visit the pass??

* I would ask questions and try to change the bad things that had happened

*what does it take to be a survivor??

You have to be smart and you have to have good self control cause if you panic to quickly you can die

Semester reflection

Dear ms Pineda

This semester has been a little difficult for me but I manage to get myself together so I can pass at the end of the year. My favorite part of this semester was the the fun activitys we were doing because we did a lot of hands on stuff. My least favorite part was the test because test are boring . My favorite assignment was the smore for our flyer, but my least favorite assignment was this portfolio.

Sincerely sanquan